The Little Book of Healthy Beauty

Dr. Pina LoGiudice, naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist has been in practice for over 12 years and shares with you the secrets she uses with her patients to look beauty by attaining true health. She provides the master keys to healing in a fun, entertaining way that provides solid research and scientific elan. You will learn what you need to know in this easy to read, practical manual to creating the outer and in glow you are looking for.


Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Pina shares the master keys to capturing the elegant glow that we crave.”

Peter D’Adamo, ND

“Dr. LoGiudice has written a very helpful book that provides a goldmine of proven, safe and affordable techniques for inner and outer beauty. Her entertaining writing style is well-reasoned, clear and easy to understand, but does not skimp on the science. The prescriptive advice is also first-rate. Her “little book’ is, in fact, a giant contribution to the science of self-care.”

Marissa Waller

“I’ve always been into health and wellness, but changing my beauty routine wasn’t something I had even considered until years of countless skin problems and prescriptions left me feeling helpless and discouraged. Ever since my teenage years, I had confidence-crushing acne that would clear up after weeks of antibiotics and harsh topical creams only to reappear again a few weeks later. I continued this painful cycle over and over again until years later when I finally found Dr. Pina. With some encouragement, I started exploring natural options and found a whole world of beautiful products out there that were able to provide lasting (and safer) options for my skin ailments. Not only that, but I finally achieved the gorgeous glowing skin I had always wanted. Today, my job it to help other women find these amazing products and build their own clean beauty routines. It’s pretty amazing!”





Yin Yang