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Dr. Oz On Set Exam Room Gastrointestinal Health with Dr. Pina

Dr. Pina Logiudice joins Dr. Oz and gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, MD for the first ever live exam room on the Dr. Oz show. The patient’s name is Irene, and she discusses her symptoms to help the doctors figure out a diagnosis.

Little Book of Healthy Beauty on News 12

News 12’s Mary Mucci interviews author Dr. Pina LoGiudice on her best-selling book, The Little Book of Healthy Beauty – Simple Daily Habits to Keep You Glowing.

Teatoxing - Dr. Pina on Dr. Oz

Dr. Pina discusses the benefits and drawbacks of tea-toxing (using teas to detox your body), and explains how you can do it at home for less for liver support, for weight loss, and more.