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This is an old time naturopathic water therapy that has been used very successfully to help heal traumas and inflammation in the body. The idea is to use alternating hot (not too hot to burn yourself) and cold (and don’t freeze yourself) water. The hot water brings new healing and cleansing blood to an area, while the cold stops the inflammatory process.

You can also use this therapy in the shower in the winter time to avoid colds and boost your immune system. In order to do this in the shower, allow the water the hit your back for 1 minute, switch to cold for 30 seconds, go back and forth with the hot and cold water and end on cold.

If you’re working on a specific part of your body, like your foot or ankle, try this method:

Tools needed: 2 buckets, 1 towel

Fill one bucket with hot water and the other with cold. Place injured foot in the hot water first for 1 minute, then switch to the cold bucket for 30 seconds. Repeat back and forth, ending on cool. Best to repeat twice a day.[/hawa_text_block]

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